Welcome to Labyrinth!

At the beginning of the pandemic, we moved to a primarily online community using our Discord server. That’s still the best place to find announcements, memes, prayer requests, photos of our animals, general chat, and lots more, even as we begin to meet in person more.

COVID Safety

With the unfortunate resurgence of COVID-19 due to the Delta variant, we’ve had to add some extra layers of caution to our programming in order to protect one another. Please be safe on campus: wear a mask, get vaccinated, avoid large groups, social distance, and get tested often. We want to protect each other from getting sick! Here are some important things to note about our safety plan:
  • We have a Zoom link for you to join virtually at any event where that makes sense (worship, bible study, seated meditations, etc.). Please join us virtually if you are unvaccinated, sick, or have been in contact with people who may have COVID. You are of course also welcome to join online if that’s what you prefer!
  • Masks are required at all in-person events. You may remove your mask while actively eating or drinking, but please avoid long periods of eating except at Sunday evening dinners and other events where dinner is served.
  • We highly recommend joining us in person only if you’re vaccinated for an extra layer of protection. We are not checking vaccination status for entry.
  • We will look for opportunities to meet outside, especially for events such as labyrinth walks and happy hour which are not streamed to Zoom.
  • At all in-person events, we will stress the importance of social distancing. Of course, you are welcome to sit near people in your “bubble” but please be aware of how close you are to those you don’t see regularly. There is plenty of room in the lounge and chapel to space out.
  • We will be noting who has attended events for contact tracing purposes. If you are not on the Discord, we may ask you for your contact information. We won’t be using this information for any purpose other than to notify you if someone at an event you attended tests positive for COVID.

Regular Fall Schedule

Our regular fall programming starts on Sunday, August 29.

Sundays at 6pm in the chapel | Zoom link

Join us for music, prayer, discussion, and reflection. Our service is casual, so wear whatever is comfortable for you. This semester, we’ll be looking at the gospel of Mark, our oldest account of the life of Jesus. Learn more about worship here.

Sundays around 7:30pm in the lounge

Every Sunday after worship, we walk over to the lounge together for a meal provided by one of our supporting congregations. Even if you miss worship, you’re welcome to come have dinner with us. Please let Anna know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies so she can make sure you have something to eat.

(Note that we’ll be unmasked as we’re eating. We totally understand if you’d rather take your dinner to go!)

Mondays at 6pm in the lounge

Our student-led book club will meet to select fall books on Monday, August 30. We hope to see you there!

Wednesdays at 5pm at the Union (UNB)

Before bible study, we make time to hang out and chat about how our week is going over coffee (or tea, or smoothies, or croissants…). Meet Anna in the lobby of the UNB to place your order for any grande drink or pastry, then go find Rene on the patio between the UNB and FAC. We’ll walk over to the lounge together in time for bible study at 6pm.

Wednesdays at 6pm in the lounge | Zoom link

This semester Daniel Smith, a Ph.D. student in the Religious Studies department, will lead our bible study on 1 Corinthians. No previous knowledge of the bible is necessary. Learn more about bible study here.

Thursdays at 4:15pm outside the chapel

On Thursday evenings, our supporting congregation University Baptist Church serves a hot meal to anyone who shows up. Many of the guests are unhoused and still unvaccinated, so volunteers must be vaccinated and wear a mask. Enter through the glass alley doors, just around the corner from the chapel door. The first few weeks, we’ll meet outside the chapel at 4:15pm.

Thursdays at 7pm in the lounge | Zoom link*

After volunteering, grab a bite to eat and meet back at the lounge for meditation. We’ll rotate between seated meditations, walking the labyrinth, art meditation, and yoga. Watch the Discord for updates in case we move outdoors. Learn more about meditation here.

*Some weeks we won’t be on Zoom due to the type of meditation we’re doing. Check the Discord or meditation page for more details.

Special Events - Save the Date!

We’ve got some fun things planned already! Keep these dates on your calendar, and watch this page and the Discord for more information as they get closer.

Friday, September 24 at 6pm in the lounge

Join us for Labyrinth’s own mini Pride celebration! We’ll start at 6pm with a brief student meeting, then enjoy food, games, movies, and other fun things the rest of the night.

Tuesdays at 7pm starting September 28 in the lounge

This special five-week bible study will take a deep dive into the “clobber passages” in the bible to see how we might reclaim them for LGBTQ+ liberation. We’re excited to be partnering with other orgs for this, particularly the Episcopal Counseling Center, who will have a counselor at every session.

October 29 at 6pm in the lounge

It’s our annual Halloween costume party! Don’t have a costume? We’ll have some DIY options for you! Starting at 6pm we’ll have a brief student meeting, then get into the tricks and treats.

Like last year, we will end our usual fall programming with worship on November 21, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. After that, we’ll have a “holiday semester” with fun things like our Christmas party (Dec. 3), adopt-a-family shopping (Dec. 7), and a special Christmas season worship service (Dec. 5). Make sure to come to our student meeting before the Halloween party to let us know what other fun holiday things you’d like to do!