Bible Study

at Labyrinth

Spiritual Journeys

We’ve all got a story to tell about how we got here. Every journey is different, and every journey is valuable. During worship, we’ll hear stories about the twists and turns of spiritual journeys from Labyrinth ministers and alumni. Over the five weeks, we’ll explore:

  • Spiritual Journeys: How the labyrinth is a helpful symbol for our spiritual journeys
  • Phases & Frameworks: How our views and values shift over time as we change
  • Discomfort & Dislocation: How being uncomfortable prompts growth
  • Identity & Intersectionality: How we negotiate our core identities
  • Family & Friends: How other people hinder us or support us on the journey

Each Wednesday starting at 6 p.m., we’ll continue the conversations we started in worship and apply them to stories of journeys we find in the Bible. Click the button below to join us on Zoom.

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