Bible Study

at Labyrinth

Finding Your Way

We’ve talked about our spiritual journeys, but journeys aren’t as straightforward as following the single path of the labyrinth. What do you do when you feel lost in the woods? How do you know which fork to take in the road? Through the end of the semester we’ll talk about:

  • How do you find your way? Moving from the theme of spiritual journeys to how we find our way.
  • Be yourself. How authenticity is central to knowing where we’re going.
  • Pay attention. How to discern which paths are most true to who you are.
  • Be flexible. What to do when your path or destination changes.

Each Wednesday starting at 6 p.m., we’ll continue the conversations we started in worship and apply them to stories of journeys we find in the Bible. On November 4, the day after the election and the Wednesday after Anna’s ordination service, we’ll simply hold space for whatever y’all want to talk about that evening.

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