Every once in awhile, scholarship opportunities, job listings, and other things come our way. Here you can find more information about all of those things.


  • Fresh Prints – $1,000 Scholarship

Job/Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

  • Temporary Care Provider for Foster Children
    • Looking for a temporary care provider who would like to learn about the ins and outs of foster care, CPS, foster kids’ experiences, ministry to kids in difficult situations
    • Must be 21 years old or over and able to provide a background check form, drivers license and social security card to the foster agency (A Word For Children, an LGBT-inclusive Christian foster agency based out of Round Rock)
    • Contact Laura Johnson for more info


  • Integral Care Mental Health First Aid Certification
    • 8-hour evidence-based training that gives individuals the tools they need to help someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis or developing a mental health or substance use problem
    • Video overview / Link to Eventbrite
    • Contact Grace Schrobilgen with questions