On Campus Events

It’s really hard to be on Zoom all the time, so we’ve decided that for this school year, we’re going to try to safely gather on campus when it makes sense to do so. Keep scrolling to learn about each of our on-campus events and how we’re keeping them safe. (Note that all in-person events are on hiatus for now.)

Happy Hour

Normally we’d meet at the Starbucks in the SAC or the Union to grab coffee, but we feel safer gathering outdoors only, especially if we need to be unmasked while drinking down our fifth coffee of the day. So this semester, we’re going to pack a cooler full of drinks and find a nice spot on campus to camp out while we catch up. If the weather’s bad, we’ll gather in the Lounge instead.

Happy Hour is on hiatus until Austin is no longer at Stage 5.


After Happy Hour, we’ll move to the lounge (or maybe stay where we are if it’s a beautiful day!) to do a seated meditation together. You don’t have to have any experience meditating – we’re a beginner-friendly group. Rene will lead us in meditation, and we’ll make sure to send out the audio on our Discord server in case you aren’t comfortable meeting in person but want to join in.

Meditation is on hiatus until Austin is no longer at Stage 5.

Labyrinth in the Wild

Whenever the weather is nice, we like to take our giant rainbow canvas labyrinth somewhere on campus for anyone to walk. A minister will be at the labyrinth in case you want to chat about anything, whether you’re a Labyrinth student or not. We don’t have a set schedule since the weather needs to be nice all day, but check our social media and the announcements page for updates!