Labyrinth Summer Trip

Friday, August 12 — Monday, August 15


Join your Labyrinth friends for a long weekend on the river this August! We will rent a house on the water, cook communal meals, play games, and spend time together. You’re also welcome to nap all day, go into town, fish, play video games… It’s vacation, after all!

This year, we’ll be in Seguin, Texas on the Guadalupe River. There are four bedrooms with five double beds and two single beds.


We usually have space for a few late sign-ups since we try not to max out the couch space. Once we’ve booked the location, those extra spots (if there are any) are on a first come, first serve basis. Talk to Haley before registering to confirm that there’s still space available.

We will not be arranging group transportation, so you’ll need to drive yourself or find a ride. Carpooling can be organized in the Discord.

Absolutely! If you have scheduling conflicts, please feel free to come and go as you need to. Since groceries are ordered to be used across multiple meals, we can’t prorate or discount the cost of the trip.

The cost of the trip covers groceries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while you’re on the trip. An exact menu will be worked out this summer with everyone’s allergies and dietary restrictions in mind. (See the schedule below for our usual meals.) We usually include some snacks like chips and fruit in the grocery order, but if you want anything in particular, bring it with you.

Everyone will help cook one or two meals for the entire group. You’ll have a cooking partner, and preparation instructions will be provided. (Lots of the meals are a build-your-own situation, so you’ll mostly be prepping ingredients.) We don’t cook lunch as a group, but sandwich stuff and snacks will be provided for you to make your own lunch.

Most of the time, no. We do try to find a place with as many beds and rooms as possible, but rooms will have to be shared. When we book a place, we calculate one person per twin bed and two per double or queen. King beds are calculated at two people initially, but we’ve put three in a king in a pinch. You’re welcome to bring a sleeping bag if you’re particular about sharing sleeping space.

Aside from breakfast and dinner each day, we don’t schedule anything. Most evenings after dinner we’ll play games or watch movies as a group, but it’s all optional. We prefer to make space for rest and impromptu activities.

No, please leave alcohol at home for liability’s sake. (Same goes for any controlled substance other than your medications.) You can certainly have drinks in a restaurant or bar in town, but please be safe and make sure to drive sober.


This is an example schedule and menu based on previous years. A final schedule, your meal assignment, and other important info will be sent out in July. Two people will prepare dinner and breakfast each day. You will likely be responsible for one or two meals.

Friday, August 12

3 p.m. | Meet at the river house (Feel free to arrange carpooling in the Discord, and let Haley know if you’re having trouble finding a ride.)

7 p.m. | Dinner: Taco Bar

Saturday, August 13

9 a.m. | Breakfast: Pancake Bar

Lunch is on your own. The kitchen will be stocked with snacks and sandwich stuff, or you can head into town.

7 p.m. | Dinner: Pasta Bar

Sunday, August 14

9 a.m. | Breakfast: Breakfast Taco Bar

Lunch is on your own. The kitchen will be stocked with snacks and sandwich stuff, or you can head into town.

7 p.m. | Dinner: Stir Fry Bar

Monday, August 15

9 a.m. | Breakfast (leftovers), clean the house, and load cars

12 p.m. | Check out and head back

Each car will be on their own for lunch, so pack a lunch from the leftovers or plan to buy some on the road.


Since Labyrinth pays for lodging, students are responsible only for the cost of groceries, which should be around $15-$20. A $10 non-refundable deposit, which goes toward your total cost, is due when you register. Your spot is not secured until you’ve paid the deposit.

You can give cash or check to Anna, or Venmo or PayPal your deposit to @missannabee. The remainder will be due by the time we leave the river, once we have totaled all expenses. In previous years, the grocery total has come out to around $15 per person, so only a few dollars will be due on the trip. We are not organizing carpools this year, so please arrange to pay your driver gas money if you carpool (or, like, make them a really nice gift).


To reserve your spot, you must fill out the online form and pay the $10 non-refundable deposit (cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal to Anna). If you registered by March 13th, your spot is secured. If you have not yet registered, registration will be accepted only as space allows on a first come, first serve basis. If you are having trouble with either the deposit or the form, talk to Haley.

Packing List

Here’s what you might want to bring:

  • swimsuit
  • beach towel*
  • folding chair
  • tubes and floats
  • water bottle
  • sandals
  • sunglasses
  • awesome hat
  • sunscreen
  • dry bag
  • toiletries
  • clothes

* bath towels and linens will be provided, but most hosts ask that we not take them to the river

We will have some chairs and miscellaneous beach/camp things we’ve acquired over the years. Don’t feel like you need to go buy anything for the trip! Kayaks are also available at our Airbnb.