your home away from home on campus

the lounge

The University Christian Church student lounge is where you can usually find us throughout the week. This is where we hold bible study, social events, Sunday dinners, and most other things. There is a keypad lock on the door so you can come in any time to study, relax cook, play games, talk to a minister, watch videos, or eat a quick meal between classes. Ask Haley or Pastor Shelby for the code if you don’t have it.


The lounge is on the south side of campus, just across from the Littlefield fountain. There is an orange door (with lots of Labyrinth signage!) in the alley just off 21st Street between the UTC and University Christian Church. You can navigate to 101 W. 21st Street to get you close to the door. If you have trouble, just drop a message in the Discord and someone will help you find us.


The closest parking is in the University Christian Church lot on University Avenue.


There are six steps into the lounge, some with railings. The main area is spacious and level with moveable furniture. The lounge has flexible lighting options, but only fluorescent lighting in the kitchen area. There is no sound amplification. The large TV is used for slides at times. Two gender neutral restrooms are available in the space itself – neither is wheelchair accessible. A step-free entrance and accessible restroom can be arranged for Labyrinth events.

the chapel

On Sunday evenings, we gather in the University Baptist Church chapel for worship. Every so often, we’ll hold other special events in the chapel, such as concerts or banquets.


The chapel is on the west side of campus, just off Guadalupe. Look for a wooden door in the middle of a mural on the south side of 22nd Street between San Antonio and Guadalupe. You can navigate to 405 W. 22nd Street to get you close to the door. If you have trouble, just drop a message in the Discord and someone will come out to wave you down.


We validate parking in the Callaway House garage. Enter the garage at 2105 Nueces Street and park on level 2 or 3, then take the elevator at the outside edge of the garage to level B. As you exit the garage, you’ll be on San Antonio Street near 22nd Street.


There is a slight step (<1″) into the chapel. The chapel is level except for the dais at the front, where the band plays. There is flexible seating in the chapel. During service, the chapel is dimly lit with natural light, string lights, and lamps as the fluorescent lights are bright and harsh. Slides are projected. There is no amplified sound unless videos are used in worship. There are two gender neutral bathrooms down two flights of stairs, and they are very small. There are no accessible restrooms available to us on Sunday evenings.