Pentecost Protest: A poem inspired by 1 Corinthians 13

If I speak eloquently with charisma that can persuade my opponents,
but do not speak in the Spirit,
I am but a talking head full of air.

If I have read every book and article and earned multiple degrees,
and if I know the philosophical difference between right and wrong,
but do not move in the Spirit,
I am useless.

If I perform allyship so that my social media is full of self-congratulation,
but do not live in the Spirit,
I am part of the problem.

The Spirit is impatient,
The Spirit is powerful.
It does not wait,
it does not follow rules,
it is not civil.

It does not abide in our boxes and buildings,
it is not domesticated,
it is not gentle,
it keeps no promises of being fair.

The Spirit does not sit idly by but empowers the oppressed.

It always inspires,
always uplifts,
always breaks through walls,
always moves faster than we can follow.

The Spirit never fails.

– Anna Strickland, May 31, 2020