Author: Anna

Holy Week & Easter Services

We are so blessed to have six supporting congregations around Austin. Here are all their Holy Week and Easter services, along with our Labyrinth services. Many of them will be available for you to watch after they are streamed, as well. Maundy Thursday Labyrinth, University Baptist Church, and the Congregational Church of Austin Joint worship…
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Church beyond the screen

There are many ways churches have been getting creative with their Holy Week gatherings – that’s part of the privilege of my work is seeing the incredible creative solutions ministers have devised. So knowing our college students were already in front of a screen for class, movie night, student teaching, Bible study, and a hundred other things, I was interested in how we could be the church outside together.

Together across the distance

Labyrinth like most churches has moved into an online space since Spring Break. COVID-19 blew all our plans out of the water. No chapel, no lounge, no dinner. We wondered, what does ministry look like when we don’t gather in the same physical space? Our gatherings are so central to our identity – what will…
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