two ways to worship,

one community

We’re sad we can’t worship in the chapel this year, but we’re excited about the two new ways we have to connect. Come to one or come to both, either way, we’re glad you’re here.

in person

In-person worship

Every other week starting September 6 we’ll worship together outside (weather permitting). It’s a chance to see each other in person and unplug.

The weeks when we don’t gather in person, we’ll worship on Zoom as we have been all spring. This allows everyone an avenue for connection.

Online worship


Upcoming Schedule

September 27: Online

Spiritual Journeys: Phases & Frameworks

October 4: TBD

Spiritual Journeys: Discomfort & Dislocation

October 11: Online

Spiritual Journeys: Identity & Intersectionality

October 18: TBD

Spiritual Journeys: Family & Friends

What to expect

What to expect in person

What to expect online

Current Series

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September 20 - October 18:

Spiritual Journeys

We’ve all got a story to tell about how we got here. Every journey is different, and every journey is valuable. During this series, we’ll hear six stories about the twists and turns of spiritual journeys from Labyrinth ministers and alumni. We’ll also have a chance to practice naming our own journeys in worship through hands-on activities. Over the five weeks, we’ll explore:

  • Spiritual Journeys: How the labyrinth is a helpful symbol for our spiritual journeys
  • Phases & Frameworks: How our views and values shift over time as we change
  • Discomfort & Dislocation: How being uncomfortable prompts growth
  • Identity & Intersectionality: How we negotiate our core identities
  • Family & Friends: How other people hinder us or support us on the journey


how to get involved

Serve as a liturgist

Each week, the liturgist leads parts of worship such as the Call to Presence, lighting the candle, reading scripture, and leading the Community Prayers. All of the parts are already scripted or can be on request. When we meet on Zoom, several of these elements could be pre-recorded if you would like.

Join the band

Do you love making music? We’d love for you to share your gift with us! You can record a video that can be shared in online worship, or you can bring your instrument to in-person worship and join Luke in leading our music. (Unfortunately, singing is online only until the pandemic passes.)