We are still a community, especially now while we are apart.

Here for you every step of the way.

College life is full of twists and turns. Labyrinth can help you find your way.

Here's where you can find us this summer...

Book Club

Every Wednesday at 7pm starting June 3.


Weekly at 3pm during orientation.

Movie Night

Every Thursday at 7pm starting June 4.

Bible Study

Every Monday at 7pm starting June 1.

Community Prayers

Every Sunday at 6pm starting May 31.

Office Hours

Throughout the week on Discord.


Here for diversity.

Labyrinth is a diverse group of students from all across the tapestry of human existence. We are many races, genders, sexualities, beliefs, political parties, personalities, and abilities. No matter who you are, you are welcome here.

Here for dialogue, not debate.

At Labyrinth, we value good questions over easy answers. We aren’t scared of questions, not because we think we have the answers, but because we believe God is big enough to hold them. We value your voice in the conversation!

Here for texts and traditions.

We take the Bible seriously, not literally. The Bible is a beautiful library of stories, songs, poems, laws, letters, wisdom, and truth. We take the same approach with traditions, too. Christian history is diverse, and we try to bring new meaning from old practices.

Here for campus community.

Labyrinth is a student-led organization centered in the heart of campus where you can find community. Our student lounge is steps from the Littlefield Fountain, and we are proud of our connections with other University of Texas departments and organizations.

Who Works Here

Rene Slataper


Minister of Outreach and Organizational Development

Anna Strickland


Program Assistant

Luke Leverett

Luke Leverett


Music and Media Director

Labyrinth on Social Media